A Quick Hello


I am afraid I have not really thought this out properly (which is obviously what every blog reader wants to hear) so I have decided that the best thing to do really is to just jump in and see what happens.  Primarily because that is not normally how I do anything.

So I bet you’re wondering why on earth a non-desi ladhki would have any interest in writing about Bollywood movies?  I can give you two reasons:

1) I love Bollywood

2) I am not originally from India

The thing is, I am a little unique.  I am about as wannabe desi as you can possibly imagine, and an entirely self-made one at that.  I’ve had Indian friends tell me that I am more Indian than they are, and believe me when I say that my family tree does not exactly have any coconuts hanging off of it.

So it occurred to me that I could provide some useful information and act as a bridge of sorts, between those of you out there who love Bollywood and Indian culture but don’t know where to look specifically to get your next fix, and the ABCD types out there who might enjoy a non-Indian perspective on films old and new, etc…

So check back soon, and I hope you like the blog!

Phir Milenge,