Throwback Thursday: Tridev “Oye Oye”

Namaste all!

I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I just had to post this while I still had a chance.  One of my Indian friends showed me this video from last week, asking me if I had ever seen it.  My initial reaction was something along the lines of, who hasn’t heard this song?  It was even referenced in Bride and Prejudice for heaven’s sake!

video courtesy of GloriaEstefanVEVO

It’s a pretty catchy song, and an easy song to recognize, so imagine my shock when my friend showed me this:

video courtesy of Bollywood Classics

My first freak out was over the song.  My second freakout was over seeing Naseeruddin Shah with non gray hair shimmying and dancing like any other Bollywood hero.  I could not believe my eyes!

So enjoy, and catch you all next week!

Throwback Thursday: Taraana

Hello all!
I couldn’t decide which clip to show you today (I have been stockpiling a bunch of great videos to show you!) but in light of the fact that we are experiencing some pretty intense rain over here, this one seems appropriate.  It’s an old one with some lesser known playback singers,  Usha Mangeskar and Shailendra Singh.  Or maybe they were big in their day and I have never come across any of their work.

Enjoy!  And stay dry (or go crazy in the rain, whatever floats your boat!)

Video courtesy of Kinshuk Bajpai