Throwback Thursday: Yeh Dillagi

This is a really fun catchy song from Yeh Dillagi, the Bollywood remake of Sabrina.  Kajol is absolutely adorable in this scene, and Saif Ali Khan is well, actually pretty adorable too, to be perfectly honest.


Video courtesy of  thebollysongs12


Throwback Thursday: Happy Holi!

Namaste fellow filmi fans (wow, say that a few times fast!).

Sorry about the radio silence, work life has been taking its toll the last few weeks.  So here’s a nice video from Mohabbatein to get everyone in the Holi spirit!  It is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait to celebrate it myself in a few weeks.

Video courtesy of KingKhan HD, an excellent source for all your SRK viewing needs!