Throwback Thursday: Yeh Dillagi Revisited

Namaste all!

I was doing a little Throwback Thursday on this blog trying to make sure that I did not give you a duplicate song, and I discovered that the link to the song from this post is broken, so I have put in a new one for you here:

video courtesy of YRF Songs, a great channel for your Bollywood needs!

But I still wanted to make sure you got a new (well, old) song, here is another song from Yeh Dillagi, this time with Kajol and Akshay Kumar.


Video also courtesy of YRF Songs.

Throwback Thursday: Yeh Dillagi

This is a really fun catchy song from Yeh Dillagi, the Bollywood remake of Sabrina.  Kajol is absolutely adorable in this scene, and Saif Ali Khan is well, actually pretty adorable too, to be perfectly honest.


Video courtesy of  thebollysongs12